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Rather than choosing members through a competitive bicker system, the sign-in clubs offer a different approach to the Princeton social experience by welcoming any upperclassman that wishes to join the club on a first-come, first-served basis. Underpinning this philosophy of open membership is the firm belief that the eating club experience can and should be open to all Princeton students, regardless of affiliation, race, gender, or orientation.

In keeping with this commitment to open membership, the sign-in clubs offer two rounds of enrollment, though we encourage all sophomores who are considering a sign-in club to join during the 1st round. Not only will 1st round sign-in greatly increase your chances of (and in most cases, guarantee) membership, but also allow you to enjoy Sign-In Week activities with the satisfaction of already being a member of that club. Sign-In Week activities are designed with the intention of integrating new members with their club and fostering inter-class bonding.

To learn more about activities at open clubs, visit the calendar.