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The clubs are working on increasing accessibility for all persons. The eleven eating clubs are all about 100+ years old, so that can be a challenge. We want Princeton students, in particular, to have as much information as needed about the current state of accessibility. We are working with students who need this information to improve the information provided below. If you have questions, you can email us at

Cannon Club: All of our bathrooms are ADA compliant and we have complete access to the basement and first floor, all areas.

Cap and Gown Club: There are access ramps in the front, rear and side entrances from the street and door ramps entering the front and rear of the building. Designated handicap parking leading to an interior ramp up to a three floor elevator. All rest rooms on three floors are ADA compliant with motion activated lighting. Placards mounted on the outside marking the designation of all rooms in Braille for the visually impaired. Fire alarms throughout the building include strobe lights.

Charter Club: The club is accessible on the lower level ground floor, which includes the Tap Room, Pool Room, Member’s Lounge, Club Manager’s Office, and Main Kitchen.

Cloister Inn: At this time, unfortunately, Cloister Inn is not accessible for wheelchairs. However, the club is fully committed to improving our accessibility this academic year and is currently in consultation with the CEO of Global Disability Inclusion. Students with any questions on our accessibility status are encouraged to contact Meghan Slattery, President at prior to your visit.

Colonial Club: There is an accessible ramp to the left of the front door to enter the building, along with an accessible rest room on the first floor. Please reach out to one of our officers if you are coming out on a party night. They can tell you where the events will be held and which areas are accessible. We welcome all to visit the club and hope to see you soon!

Cottage Club: The club has an accessible entry ramp, elevator, and ADA compliant restrooms.

Ivy Club: The club has an accessible entrance, elevator and ADA compliant restrooms.

Quadrangle Club: The club has an accessible entry ramp to the 1st floor entrance main front door to Quad. Also access is available to the ground floor rear entrance of Quad where there is an accessible bathroom. We do not have elevator access to all the floors of the interior of Quad.

Terrace Club: The club has an accessible entry ramp just to the left of the main entry and an ADA compliant restroom on first floor.

Tiger Inn: The club has an accessible entry ramp from the back parking lot. An elevator to all floors, and one accessible restroom at basement level. We have one large flat screen TV with closed caption capability. Our fire alarms are with strobe.

Tower Club: The club has recently restructured it’s front door walkway with an accessible entry. Restrooms are ADA compliant.