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The Princeton Eating Clubs are independent, private institutions without any official ties to the University.

Each club is managed by a graduate board, undergraduate officers, and a club manager and/or chef. Each club has its own staff to manage dining services and club/grounds maintenance.

The presidents of all the clubs are members of the Interclub Council (ICC) and meet weekly to discuss club policies, student safety, and other topics of common concern.  A representative from the Dean of Students Office attends the meeting regularly. An ICC Advisor, who is a young alumnus/a, living in the area, provides guidance and support.

The graduate board chairs of all the clubs are members of the Graduate Interclub Council (GICC) and meet several times a year to discuss club policies and initiatives.  Representatives of Princeton University attend the meetings to work together with clubs on common goals and interests. A GICC Advisor, who is an alumnus/a living in the area, provides support to implement the goals of the GICC and provide a liaison to the University.

The Princeton Prospect Foundation was established in 1958 as a non-profit foundation that encourages and supports the educational programs and facilities of all of the Princeton eating clubs.  Learn more at