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Students are eligible to join a club in the spring of sophomore year, and that is when most students join, but clubs accept some junior and senior members, too. At different times during the year, the clubs host events for students to visit the clubs and meet members.

There are currently 11 eating clubs: 6 selective clubs (Cannon, Cap and Gown, Cottage, Ivy, Tiger Inn, and Tower) and 5 open clubs (Charter, Cloister Inn, Colonial, Quadrangle, and Terrace).

All of the clubs host an admissions week called “Street Week.” Sophomores sign up on the Interclub (ICC) website to receive invitations to visit the clubs during the week. Students can sign up for up to 2 selective clubs and any and all open clubs. The selective clubs conduct an admission process traditionally called “bicker.” Open clubs are just that, open to any student who wants to join, unless they fill to capacity. Open clubs are a great way for friend groups to sign in together, so they can all be in the same club.

Use this website to explore and compare information on all of Princeton’s eating clubs. Each club has a unique character and architecture making the clubs one of the most enduring traditions in collegiate history.  Take the time to visit a broad range of clubs.  You’ll find one that is most suited to your interests where you will spend your junior and senior years making friends that will last a lifetime.

Sophomores can register for the Spring 2019 club admission process beginning on Sunday, January 20th when the ICC website opens for registration for all clubs. The “Street Week” activities begin on Sunday, February 3rd.

Beginning on January 20th at 12 noon, you can REGISTER HERE TO JOIN A CLUB.