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The eating clubs offer juniors and seniors the opportunity to become a part of a close-knit community. They reinforce existing friendships while also introducing you to a wonderful, new, and diverse group of Princetonians. The clubs offer a home on campus where students can come together to enjoy a great meal, take a breath to relax, and develop life-long

Hannah Paynter ’19, President of the Interclub Council, President of Cloister Inn

You join the club because your friends are there, but then by the time you graduate you’ve also made dozens of new great friends for the rest of your life.

Liam Morton '02, Cap and Gown Club

Each of Princeton’s clubs is different and through the years has achieved a distinct personality and set of traditions. This is as it should be, for it will be a sorry day for the world if ever such distinctions and peculiarities, and the especial loyalties they invoke, are lost.

Struthers Burt, Class of 1904

By joining an eating club, I’ve gained a sense of home and community that keeps me grounded on campus. I’m incredibly grateful for the life-long friendships I’ve developed and the many opportunities it has given me to grow my community and enrich my Princeton experience.

Rachel Macaulay ’19, President of Tower Club

Eating clubs serve as the perfect bridge between your underclassman and upperclassman years. They reinforce the strong friendships you've established and encourage new relationships with a diverse new group of people. By spending time talking, eating, studying, and socializing, we find that we are surrounded by some of the most brilliant yet modest and talented yet compassionate people, all from incredibly diverse backgrounds with a wide range of different life experiences and stories to share.

Katrina Maxcy '14, Former President of Colonial Club

The eating clubs are so much more than where 70 percent of Princeton juniors and seniors take their meals. They are where students are studying, collaborating on assignments, and encouraging each other as they write the last page of that junior paper or senior thesis. They are where students are coming together at tables to discuss an interesting news story, a great movie someone has seen recently, a campus issue, or any of a cornucopia of possible topics. They are where students are socializing and celebrating the end of a stressful day or a stressful week at high-quality social events. They are where students are engaging in meaningful service to the community outside of the Orange Bubble. The eating clubs are unique to Princeton, and they exemplify what is unique about Princeton — a sense of always being able to come home, whether you're just joining as a sophomore or are coming for your 50th Reunion.

Jean-Carlos Arenas '16, Former President of the Interclub Council, Former President of Charter Club

Eating clubs are places in which to find a home on campus. More than just a building to socialize in, they exist to create that feeling of family and acceptance – somewhere where you’re free to just be yourself, and relax into a community that accepts and loves you for you. Being in an eating club allows you to meet so many great people that otherwise you might never have met – people from backgrounds and cultures that differ greatly from your own, but who will nonetheless become some of your closest friends on campus. Being a part of one of these groups enables you to have a community that will always be yours, and that you will continue to be a part of long after you graduate. I find that in my own experience, I am constantly and unerringly amazed by the people I have met through my club, and by the sheer kindness with which everyone treats one another. I wouldn’t trade my eating club experience for anything in the world.

Conor O’Brien ’19, President of Charter Club

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Since its founding in 1901, Charter has been a club full of tradition. Located at the end of the street, our current clubhouse was designed by Arthur I. Meigs, Charter section of 1903, and built in 1913. “The Indestructible,” as the club is commonly referred to, is today most known for its “Charter Fridays.” When most clubs are closed, we are open to help you celebrate the end of a long week of classes. Charter’s social calendar features many noteworthy events including monthly semi-formals, live bands, and weekly parties. Our food, including our bi-weekly pub nights, is consistently ranked some of the best on the street.

We greatly encourage any and all sophomores to come to our sophomore meals and recruitment events. Whether you’ve never set foot in the club before, you’ve only been here on Charter Friday and didn’t know the Great room has furniture, or you’re here all the time with upperclass friends, we’re sure you’ll enjoy getting to know our members and other prospective sophomores. Whether you come alone or with friends, you’ll always be welcome at Charter events.

Once you are a Charter member, you are a member forever. Every year we see flocks of alumni, clothed in maroon and gold, return to the Indestructible. The friendships in our club span many generations and last a lifetime. Huzzah!

NOTE: For Spring 2017, juniors who intend to join as full members senior year have the opportunity to join in the spring, paying $785 to get the same privileges as sophomore new members – two meals per week, the ability to attend all events, and use of the clubhouse. Juniors may also choose to become full members immediately.


More About Charter

Admission System

In Brief

You may have heard that Charter once had a “points” system. However, we are now purely sign-in: anyone, regardless of event attendance, will be able to sign in.

How to Attend Meals and Events

Charter meals have already begun, and sophomores can attend two per month. Lunch hours are from 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM, and dinner hours are from 5:45 PM – 7:30 PM. To get yourself on the list, just sign up here. Please sign up two days in advance, so that our kitchen can make sure to prepare for the correct number of guests. Charter will be hosting different events throughout the course of the semester geared towards sophomores. To stay up to date on all of Charter’s events, simply add yourself to our email list here. All events will be announced through this email list. Feel free to contact with any questions you may have.

What’s new this year?

Early Admission

Along with all of the other open clubs, Charter will offer sophomores the opportunity to join Charter before bicker begins. Simply login here to sign up for early admission to Charter. We will host events every night during bicker week to welcome our new members and get them integrated into the Charter community. All interested sophomores are invited to attend these events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will I know when an event is happening?

A: The easiest way is by adding yourself to our mailing list by clicking here. All events will be announced through the mailing list. Even if you aren’t on our mailing list, we will have a calendar of upcoming sophomores events posted on the website. All sophomores are welcome and encouraged to attend any of our events.

Q: Say I’ve already eaten two meals in a month, can I still meal exchange or come to Charter as a guest of a member?

A: Of course! Your allotted two meals a month are in addition to any meals you might eat in Charter with members.

Charter is a club known for its food. Our kitchen is run by two graduates of the Culinary Institute of America who ensure that our food is always top quality. Our food service is sometimes a buffet, and sometimes a served dinner with waiters throughout the week.

A full breakfast is available each weekday morning, with brunch being served over the weekend.

Lunches have a full hot buffet, as well as an open grill with daily specials. Each Friday is Crepe Day on the grill, a Charter exclusive.

Members at Charter always have variety….be it Monday night when we alternate between a Build Your Own Burrito Buffet and our famous Artisan Taco Mondays.

Two special Pub Nights each week are on Tuesday and Thursday which feature printed “restaurant style” menus and food served by club servers. Thursday Pub Nights always have special drinks. Some of our past pub nights include Sushi Night, Jersey Shore Night, and Oktoberfest.

Wednesday dinner is always an International Buffet, allowing our members to experience different foods from all over the world, as well as comfort food buffets.

  • A copy of our weekly menu can be found here.

Charter’s clubhouse is equipped with everything you will need if you want to study, play games, or just hang out. We have a beautiful library, many study rooms, a TV room with stadium seating and a big screen TV with surround sound, plus a computer cluster with six desktop computer stations, several printers and a scanner.

Our upstairs dining room (UDR) is configured as multipurpose room, where you can eat, study, watch TV or play games on our 70” TV screen.

Charter also features an extensive movie and game collection. Members have access to the clubhouse 24/7.

Notable Alumni
David Adler, 1904; Architect
Jose Ferrer, 1933; Actor and Film Director
Jimmy Stewart, 1932; Actor
Bowie Kuhn, 1948; MLB Commissioner
Joel Rosenman, 1963; Co-creator of the Woodstock Festival
Mitch Daniels, 1981; Governor of Indiana, President of Purdue University
David Duchovny, 1982; Actor
Jack Donaghy, 1985; Fictional Character on 30 Rock


Steven E. Moskow CEC
Club Manager

Mr. Moskow has worked at Charter Club for 40 years, starting as our Executive Chef in 1977. He was promoted to Club Manager after a few years and was the first culinary school graduate to be employed at any of the eating clubs. This endeavor paved the way for other clubs to recognize the importance of retaining professionally trained chefs.

A 1974 Graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Mr. Moskow later achieved his Certified Executive Chef status from the American Culinary Federation, making him Princeton’s first CEC.

Serving as past president of The Professional Chef’s Guild of Central NJ for eight years he became the winner of numerous chef’s association awards, including 1985 Chef of the Year.

As Club Manager, Mr. Moskow is responsible for all kitchen, housekeeping, office and maintenance staff, as well as the planning and supervision of all the extensive renovations and additions to our historic Clubhouse over the past 40 years.

Thomas Evgeniadis
Executive Chef
Chef Tom worked at Charter from 1980 to 1986 as our chef. Taking a furlough for 9 years as the Chef Manager at The Princeton Tower Club, as well as a few other positions, he returned to Charter in 1999…. where he has remained ever since.

Chef Tom is a 1980 graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, and was a member of the Professional Chef’s Guild of Central NJ for many years.

Known for his excellent food and menus, Charter Club is always one of the top two rated eating clubs for food quality and service. His Baklava has been cherished by decades of Charter Club members, who always request it when they return to the Club.

Chef Tom always welcomes students to meet with him the kitchen to discuss food allergy issues. His staff of nine cooks and servers are very knowledgeable in helping those with food preference and/or food sensitivity issues.

Vera P. Young
Ms. Young has worked at Charter for over 10 years. She was previously the Associate Director of Financial Aid at The College of NJ for over 30 years.

Vera is in charge of all invoicing to the members, as well as paying all our vendors. She is always happy to discuss the fees charged by the Club with members and their parents.

Due to her vast experience with financial aid, she can assist our members and parents in navigating the process with the university.

She can also help you set up membership payment plans.


About Charter Club

79 Prospect Avenue


Grad Board Chair: John Beers
Club Manager: Steve Moskow
Executive Chef: Thomas Evgeniadis
Bookkeeper: Vera Young


Undergraduate Officers

Club President: Justin Hamilton
Vice President: Brittany Grego
Treasurer: Michael Li
Social Chair: Jack Graham
Kitchen Manager: Kevin Tsao
Dining Liaison: Judy Koo
House Manager: John Nydam
Liquid Assets Manager: Melissa Fan
Events Coordinator: Morlan Osgood

Total club members:


Club Dues

Juniors/Seniors 2018-2019: $8900

Sophomore (spring) dues: $630
2 lunches/brunches/dinners per week, breakfasts Mon-Fri, full social benefits

Shared Meal Plans Available:


Meals & Menu

Breakfast (8:15 – 9:30)
Lunch (11:30 – 1:30)
Dinner (5:45 – 7:30)

Brunch (11:45 – 1:30)
Dinner (5:30 – 7:00)

View a sample menu

Community Service, Sustainability & Improvements

View our latest report to the Princeton Prospect Foundation