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The chart below shows the fees for the clubs for the 2017-2018 academic year.  Each club has different payment plans, so please be sure to check and confirm this information with any club you are interested in joining.

ClubJuniors/Seniors 2018-2019Payment PoliciesFinancial AssistanceShared Meal PlansSophomores Spring 2019Sophomore Benefits
Cannon$9,70010$1,0002 meals per week, full social benefits
Cap and Gown$9,444$200 damage deposit; Payment options include full payment, 2 payments, 4 payments, or monthly. RCA discount. Financial assistance for upperclassmen allocated based on an application process each semester.10$850Thursday night dinner + 1 other lunch/dinner per week, full social benefits
Charter$8,900This is a new lower rate that will go in effect for the 2019-2020 year. The Club offers one, two or six payment plans.Charter accepts applications for financial assistance and awards grants on a case-by-case basis.30$6302 lunches/dinners per week, breakfasts Mon-Fri, full social benefits
Cloister$9,725Payment options include full year, semester, and monthly. RCA discount available.Cloister offers financial assistance via an application process on a case-by-case basis; please contact for more information. 36$8002 meals a week, Breakfast Mon-Fri, full social benefits. Sophomores who sign in with a group may be eligible for special benefits. Contact for more information.
Colonial$8,822Members can pay all at once (1 payment plan), once each semester (2 payment plan) or spread it out over 6 months from August to February.75$8002 lunches/dinners per week + Friday dinner, breakfasts Mon-Fri, full social benefits
Cottage$8,675Members have the option to pay in a one-payment plan, two-payment plan, or four-payment plan for full, reduced, and RCA meal plans.Cottage has a "Glinka Scholarship Fund" which is available to an undergraduate member who is on a level of financial aid from Princeton University of between 30-100% and who has a convincing argument that he or she cannot afford the cost differential of UCC charges not covered by PU Financial Aid.6$800Wednesday night dinners + three other meals over the semester, full social benefits
Ivy$9,950Members can pay in full or in 2 installments. Discount of $150 for payment in full by July 30th. Credit card payments are not eligible for the discount.Ivy members receiving aid from the University can apply to the Ivy 1879 Foundation for scholarship grants to help with a portion of their board expenses.4$1,3001 Meal/week, Full social Membership
Quad$9,360Members can pay in full, by semester, or monthly.If you are on full financial aid there is a discounted rate of $9,060. Scholarships are available for sophomores and upperclassmen with demonstrated need.40$6002 lunches/dinners per week, breakfasts Mon-Fri, full social benefits
Terrace$9,100Flexible payment plans available. Shared Meal Plans pay full dues. RCAs eligible for $2,000 discount.Guaranteed discounts: $500 for those with parent contribution $10,000 or less, $200 for those with $20,000 or less, as stated on Princeton University Financial Aid letter. Other aid available on a case by case basis.40$800Breakfast Mon-Fri +2 more meals/week (lunch, dinner, 4c, brunch) +social benefits. $200 of financial aid is available for members whose parent contribution is $10,000 or less, as stated on their Princeton University Financial Aid letter.
Tiger Inn$9,100Pay in full or in 2 installments. RCAs $7,175.7$9502 Meals/week, Full social Membership
Tower$9,820RCAs 2018-2019: $7,300; payment options include full payment or payment in 2 installments; discounts for early payment. Financial assistance for upperclassmen will be considered on a case-by-case basis.10$1,1002 meals per week, chosen from every meal except breakfast, Thursday dinner, and Sunday dinner; full social benefits.