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Club Motto: “There’s always room at a Quad table.”

The Princeton Quadrangle Club is one of eleven Princeton University eating clubs, and is located at 33 Prospect Avenue. Founded in 1901 and referred to as “literary Quadrangle” by F. Scott Fitzgerald in This Side of Paradise, present-day Quad is known as one of the most diverse and welcoming clubs at the University. As demonstrated by our unofficial club motto, you find at Quad not only an eating club, but a home-away-from-home for your upperclass years at Princeton.

One of the five open clubs, Quad allows any second semester sophomore, junior, or senior to join.   Quad is known for hosting amazing USG concerts (previous acts include Maroon 5, Rihanna, and B.O.B), having the best technology on the Street, and its delicious Soul Food Night.  Most ‘Dranglers consider Quad their home on campus, and can be found within the building’s four corners day and night.

Founded in 1901, Quadrangle Club has an extensive alumni network, which our members often find beneficial in securing quality post-graduation jobs. Particularly famous alumni include: Adlai Stevenson – Governor of Illinois and Two-Time Democratic Party Nominee for President of the United States; Robert Goheen – former President of Princeton University; Jeff Bezos – Founder and CEO of; and George Schultz – Secretary of Treasury and Secretary of State.

Quad is well-known for some of the most delicious food on the Street. At the same time, Quad prioritizes food diversity and options–we always have multiple healthy choices and a well-stocked salad bar.  What’s more, Quad has many themed events each week. On a weekly basis, our Make-Your-Own-Pizza Friday Lunches are particularly popular, as is our Thursday Pub Night Dinner. Finally, Quad is famous for our chef’s specialty–a monthly Soul Food Night, as well as our twice-a-week Late Meal. Our close relationship with our staff ensures that any dietary restrictions are accommodated on an individual basis.  We’re very friendly to all special dietary needs including vegan, kosher, halal, and gluten-free!


Quad offers a generous number of shared meal plans. Rather than distribute them on a first-come, first-serve basis or by seniority, Quad gives shared meal plans out by need. This way, we ensure that any member–junior or senior–who needs a shared meal plan is able to receive one, and we never charge an extra fee.

Starting on the first floor, Quad has an expansive Grand Salon that is perfect for down-time between classes and catching up with friends. Overlooking the balcony is our Solarium, accompanied by a wall of oversized windows. Flanking the Grand Salon are the stately Houston Library–perfect for productive work–and our Billiards Room, including our famous club moose, two pool tables, and a card table. In the basement, you find our dining area/dance floor. Our basement living room includes an electronic Beirut table and a bottle-cap Beirut table, both made by former Quad members. Adjacent, you’ll find our Members’ Lounge and decked-out Tap Room. Upstairs, we have a computer room including university print release station, a game room with two flat screen TVs and all major consoles, a library, a small study room, and a TV room with (extremely comfortable–try it!) tiered seating and a 73-inch flat screen television.


Quad’s most distinctive physical feature is our giant backyard, the largest on the Street. In addition to several picnic tables, a fire pit, and a hammock, we have a basketball court and beach volleyball court–with flood lighting for late-night games. During the warmer months of the year, you can always find Quad members playing or relaxing in the backyard, and even watching movies on our enormous screen.

Quad is well-known for hosting the main act of lawnparties in our backyard. Members get the privilege of viewing the act from the relaxing comfort of our balcony. In addition, Quad has either an open party or members event every Saturday, in addition to the frequent members’ events throughout the week. Our annual staples include Sh!t that Glows (blacklight party), Fire and Ice, and 7 Deadly Sins. Several times a semester we have a semi-formal or formal event, accompanied by live music and the largest open bar on the Street. Finally, we have weekly study breaks, including a puppy study break during exam periods.

About Quadrangle Club

33 Prospect Avenue


Grad Board Chair: Dinesh Maneyapanda
Club Manager: Neville Sutherland
Business Manager: Angela Christiano


Undergraduate Officers

Club President: Daniel Pallares Bello
Vice President: Emerson Thomas
Treasurer: Maria Rogers

Total club members:


Club Dues

Juniors/Seniors 2018-2019: $8900

Sophomore (spring) dues: $500
2 lunches/dinners per week, breakfasts Mon-Fri, full social benefits

Shared Meal Plans Available:


Meals & Menu

Breakfast (8:00 – 9:30)
Lunch (11:30 – 1:30)
Dinner (5:30 – 7:30)
Brunch (11:30 – 1:30)
Dinner (5:00 – 7:00)

Community Service, Sustainability & Improvements

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