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Music is the lifeblood of Terran identity. It’s at the heart of this place we call home. You hear it blasting in the foyer the minute you walk into the club for a meal. When you take a few steps forward into the servery in search of Mom’s love, you’ll hear it again, different this time, like food in the air. But wait…it’s Wednesday. You smile. You feel the bowels of the club throbbing with the bustle of Terrans and the booming of bass. It’s only 5:30, but it’s already lit. You peek around the basement. Submerged in a pile of wood shavings and nails, you see the familiar hair of a Terrace officer and you hear this erratic, “intelligent” electronic tune that sounds kinda like Aphex Twin emanating from the pile. You smile again. Terrace is still pretty weird. So, you pick up some nice craft beer from the taps downstairs, chat up Steve and the wacky alumni who keep coming back for free beer, and you decide you’re gonna go enjoy a delicious roast on the Terrace upstairs because it’s beautiful outside. It’s Wednesday night, after all. You pass through the “balls” room to witness an intense game of singles, backed by a soundtrack of infectious progressive metal à la Primus or something. You make some strange grunt of encouragement—the mood is peaceful, but you gotta be metal. You decide to peer into the TV room for company, making a very quick U-turn to avoid splitting your eardrums to the sounds of painfully guttural throat singing meets deep tech house. You guess that’s what people call “experimental.” Your guess is probably right. You like it, but not in that moment. Now is the time for some fresh air. You step outside. You plant your things on the picnic table. You put your headphones on, play some Radiohead, and just stand at the edge of the terrace doing absolutely nothing. Your thoughts are entirely yours.

Terrace gives you the freedom to be yourself and, at the same time, to be whoever or whatever you want to be. Whether music is about being by yourself or grooving with your friends, both have a place here at the club. You can hear it at all hours of the day in the sounds and songs that musicians in the club create, on their own in the late night hours of the green room, but also grooving together with several instruments. You hear it through the speakers we now have placed in every room in the house. And yes, you can hear it when we have live music in the main dining room or the basement taproom every Thursday and Saturday night—and even on a couple Wednesday nights, too, during a wonderful members-only dinner! Club favorites like Ripe, Ex-mag, and Sensemaya have been back with their infectious and fast-paced funk. We’ve seen Captured Tracks favorites like Widowspeak and EZTV delivering some wholesome and dreamy power pop. And we’re gonna keep it going strong into the new year with only the best live music that really embodies what we see here every day: diversity is identity here at Terrace F. Club.

While music is our lifeblood, great food is what keeps it flowing. Every day is an opportunity to explore new culinary vistas. With Chef Manuel tending the fields, the TFC greenhouse is replete with fresh herbs. Daily vegan and vegetarian options are ample, yet our meat-eating friends are not left wanting—the TFC kitchen strives to accommodate the dietary needs and preferences of all who partake of its gastronomic creations.

Finally, if your passion lies in the visual arts, you will find comfort in Terrace’s bountiful bosom. Murals lovingly painted by Terrans through the years adorn the Mother’s walls, with infinite blank spaces available for future aesthetic meditations.

These are just a few things that draw Terrans past and present to the Womb’s warm embrace. The ethos of openness and creativity is sustained by so much more. Check out the videos below and stop by for a visit to see for yourself.

Grammy Award-winning artist Bilal performing at Terrace F. Club in 2016



About Terrace Club

62 Washington Road


Grad Board Chair: Alexander Shermansong '97
General Manager: Steve Krebs
Business Manager: Charlotte Camp


Undergraduate Officers

Club President: Joe Collins ’20
Vice President: Franklin Maloney ’20
Treasurer: Milo Hughes ’20
Events Chair: Sydney Wilder ’20
Music Chair: Alex Cavoli ’20
House Manager: Barb Gruszka ’20

Total club members:


Club Dues

Juniors/Seniors 2018-2019: $9100

Sophomore (spring) dues: $800
2 meals/week (lunch, dinner, 4c, brunch), breakfasts Mon-Fri, full social benefits

Shared Meal Plans Available:


* Discounts available on all dues for students on financial aid. Ask at Terrace business office.

Meals & Menu

Monday-Friday: Breakfast (8:30 – 10:30) Lunch (11:30 – 1:30) Dinner (5:30 – 7:30) Fourth Course (10:30 pm - 11:30 pm, Sunday through Wednesday) Weekend: Brunch (11:00 – 1:30) Dinner (5:30 – 7:30)

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Community Service, Sustainability & Improvements

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