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Community Service

LogoAll of the Princeton Eating Clubs engage in community service projects. Each club has one or more Community Service Chairs who are members of the Community Service Interclub Council (CSICC). The CSICC has a dinner meeting each month hosted at a difference club each month.

In 2014, the CSICC launched Princeton TruckFest, a spring event for the university and the town when Prospect Street is closed and lined with foodtrucks to support local service organizations. In 2014, TruckFest donated over $20,000 to the Mercer Street Friends “Send Hunger Packing” program; in 2015, TruckFest donated over $25,000 to “Send Hunger Packing” and to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. Plans are in the works for TruckFest 2016 to be even bigger. For more more information on TruckFest, go to

In October 2015, the CSICC launched Trick-or-Feed, a charity event hosted as part of Princetoween that raised over $7,500 plus non-perishable donations for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen.

In addition to the interclub efforts, each club engages in other service projects throughout the year.

    Princeton TruckFest was the first joint fundraiser ever hosted by all eleven of Princeton’s Eating Clubs, and it raised over $20,000 for Send Hunger Packing, a collaboration between the Mercer Street Friends Food Bank and the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, which provides low-income schoolchildren with nutritious meal packs for the weekends. Prospect Avenue […]

Community Service Chairs met this month at Cannon Club – thank you, Cannon!  One of the fun aspects of our monthly meetings is having the chance to sample the cuisine of each of the different clubs. Cannon has an amazing menu and you can order just like you’re at Wawa, from an incredible list of […]

Learn about the community service efforts of some of the eating clubs through their latest reports to the Princeton Prospect Foundation.