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icc_logoThe Interclub Council (ICC) is composed of the 11 undergraduate eating club presidents. The ICC meets on a weekly basis to discuss club policies, student life projects, and best practices to ensure a safe environment for all members and visitors to the clubs. The ICC provides information about the clubs and hosts events for sophomores as they consider dining and social options for their upperclass years. The club admission process is managed by the ICC in a coordinated effort that ensures all sophomores who would like to join a club have the opportunity to do so.

The ICC works with the Graduate Interclub Council (GICC) and Princeton University administrators and organizations to address topics of campus-wide concern regarding student life. The ICC President serves as a representative of the eating clubs to the University at-large and the town and liaisons with external parties interested in collaborating with the eating clubs.

The ICC has three advisors who provide guidance and support: the ICC Advisor, a recent Princeton graduate and former eating club officer who ensures the clubs implement policies and practices that ensure the safety of all students at the clubs; the GICC Advisor, who is the liaison with the Graduate Interclub Council, advises on key initiatives, and manages the interclub websites; and a representative from the Dean of Students Office who advises on all University-related affairs.

Members of the ICC 2015 – 2016
ICC President: Jean-Carlos Arenas ’16, Charter Club
Ian McGeary ’16, Cannon Dial Elm Club
Tyler Rudolph ’16, Cap & Gown Club
Edward Walker ’16, Cloister Inn
Swetha Doppalapudi ‘16, Colonial Club
Forrest Hull ’16, Cottage Club
Eliza Mott ’16, Ivy Club
Mitchell Shellman ’16, Quadrangle Club
Lucia Perasso ’16, Terrace Club
Grace Larsen ’16, Tiger Inn
George Papademetriou ’16, Tower Club

ICC Advisor: Spencer Jones ’12
GICC Advisor:  Lisa Schmucki ’74
Assistant Dean, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students: Bryant Blount ’08

If you would like to discuss a project that you would like to collaborate on with the ICC, email ICC President Jean-Carlos Arenas ’16 at