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TruckFest Raises over $20,000 for Send Hunger Packing




Princeton TruckFest was the first joint fundraiser ever hosted by all eleven of Princeton’s Eating Clubs, and it raised over $20,000 for Send Hunger Packing, a collaboration between the Mercer Street Friends Food Bank and the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, which provides low-income schoolchildren with nutritious meal packs for the weekends.

Prospect Avenue was closed on Friday, April 25th to host the event.  Eleven foodtrucks were parking along the street and a crowd of 7,500 students and local residents enjoyed a variety of delicious treats.  The lines were long, but it was a great evening and several music groups provided entertainment.

The event was coordinated by the Community Service Chairs of all of the eating clubs who worked together with the town and the University to coordinate all of the permits, logistics, and arrangements.  They committee raised donations from class and student government and the Princeton Prospect Foundation.   In total, the event raised over $40,000, and after covering all expenses, raised over $20,000 for Send Hunger Packing.

Kathleen Galante, the Manager of Colonial Club, commented, “It was great to see the crowds Friday night; they definitely pulled off a great event! I was really impressed at the execution of Truckfest. The students worked the event like pros. I am so glad it went well and lots of money was raised!”

Justin Ziegler added, “Our goal was to raise enough money so that the sales from the foodtrucks would go 100% to Send Hunger Packing. The food trucks were so supportive of the event, and accepted a fraction of their costs so the money would go to the children in Mercer County who don’t get enough to eat.”

Sandy Harrison, Chairman of Princeton Prospect Foundation, commented, “We are thrilled that the support of PPF could help to make this event happen. PPF agreed that we would be delighted to continue our support for Truckfest next year.”

Learn more about Princeton TruckFest.

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