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What is a shared meal plan?

A shared meal plan enables upperclass students who reside in a four-year residential college to eat their meals in both their residential college and their eating club.

Rising juniors and rising seniors who belong to an eating club and who want to live in a four-year residential college have the opportunity to choose one of their club’s available shared meal plans for the following academic year during room draw each spring. Each club has established a maximum number of shared meal plans available for their junior and senior members. Club members are encouraged to ask their club leadership for specific information regarding shared meal plans at their club. A shared meal plan is the combination of a Block 95 plan (the minimum required University meal plan for juniors and seniors who choose to live in a four-year residential college), and an eating club membership.

How does a shared meal plan work?

Students who elect a shared meal plan pay an amount equal to the membership fee (not including the social fee) of their particular club. For this fee, students receive some of their meals at a residential college (95 meals – plus approximately 30 extra meals per semester for all upperclass students, for a total of approximately 125 meals per semester in any of the six residential colleges or the Center for Jewish Life) and the remainder of their meals at their eating club. All 125 University meals are eligible for late meals at the Frist Campus Center.

How do I select a shared meal plan?

During the residential college room draw, a club member who is interested in a shared meal plan will be able to select from the shared meal plans that are available at their particular club during their draw time. Using a computer lottery, the room draw process determines the order in which students can select available rooms, and thus available shared meal plans. For more information about this process please review the Room Draw Guide. All upperclass students interested in choosing a shared meal plan must submit an application for the residential college draw.

The room draw system will allow students the option to select a shared meal plan for their club so long as the maximum number of shared meal plans set by their club has not yet been reached. Once a particular club’s maximum is reached, the option to participate in a shared meal plan will no longer be available to any subsequent members of that club in the residential college room selection process. Upperclass students with questions about selecting a shared meal plan during their draw time are encouraged to contact Angie Hodgeman, Manager for Undergraduate Housing at or 8-3461.

When the maximum is reached, any remaining members of that club will no longer be able to select a room in a residential college room draw with a shared meal plan. A student could choose to live in the residential college and purchase at least the required 95 meal plan for their residential college in addition to their full club meal plan. In this case, the student would hold (and pay for) two separate meal plans, not a shared meal plan. In such a case, the University would bill the student for the University meal plan. If this is not a feasible option for the student, they should then use their regular upperclass room selection time to secure a room. Here they would have a full club meal plan. During the room draw process, students sign a binding dining contract when they select a room in a residential college, and for those selecting shared meal plans, they are contracting for the full cost of the shared meal plan at that time.