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November Community Service Dinner

Community Service Chairs met this month at Cannon Club – thank you, Cannon!  One of the fun aspects of our monthly meetings is having the chance to sample the cuisine of each of the different clubs. Cannon has an amazing menu and you can order just like you’re at Wawa, from an incredible list of options, prepared just for you.

Well, now to the subject of our meeting.  Each club reported on their service plans – so many different ideas from Terrace Club’s “Dare to Care” to the Colonial Club’s clothing drive (looking for other clubs to join in).

Since the clubs are “eating” clubs, lots of the ideas revolve around food – preparing it (baskets) and eating it (a possible food truck war?  All to raise money for good causes.

Frank Woo and Yeri Lee presented their ideas to start a PrinceTHON dance-a-thon this spring as a fundraiser for the Sheikhzayed Institute in Washington, DC (pediatric surgical care).  This is another idea that had great enthusiasm and the clubs would love to help make this a success.
The St Nick Project run by the Princeton YWCA is a great holiday fundraiser idea. Anyone can adopt a needy family and provide gifts and a grocery gift certificate for the holidays.  This could be a great idea for the clubs.
The next Community Service dinner will be at Colonial.  Thank you, Colonial!