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ICC Releases Results on Spring 2016 Club Admissions

Over the past four years, the ICC (Interclub-Council of the Princeton Eating Clubs) has been working to synchronize and improve the process for joining an eating club and provide more information for students who are interested in joining. The goal of these efforts is to provide better information about the clubs to encourage more students to explore the clubs, and to decrease the stress surrounding the process and provide a more positive experience for all students.

To join a club, sophomores and juniors registered on the ICC website that helps club officers and prospective students manage the process of signing up, visiting clubs, ranking preferences, and getting results. The final results were available on Friday, February 5, 2016 at 9am at Students can log in and see the club they have been admitted to. Any student who was not placed can also use this site to sign up for an open club until Saturday, February 13, 2016. The website provides general information about the clubs.

The ICC has just released results from Spring 2016 eating club admissions for the sophomore class.

  • 1,038 sophomores or 80% of the class participated in the club admissions process, compared to 81% of sophomores last spring.
  • 301 or 29% took advantage of the early admission option for open clubs, compared to 28% last year.
  • 705 or 68% applied for admission to a selective club, compared to 68% last year.
  • 546 or 77% of sophomores who applied to a selective club were accepted, compared to 72% last year.
  • The average section size for selective clubs increased from 86 last year to 91 this year.
  • On “multi-club” bicker, 36% of students who applied to a selective club allowing the “multi-club” bicker option selected 2 clubs compared to 29% last year. Ivy Club participated in multi-club bicker for the first time. Tower Club is the only selective club not participating in multi-club bicker.
  • 411 sophomores or 40% of those who participated were placed in open clubs compared to 38% last year.

At the end of the admissions process, 957 sophomores or 74% of sophomores were placed in a club, an increase over 915 placed last year (70%).

All eleven clubs participated in the process including 6 selective clubs (Cannon, Cap and Gown, Cottage, Ivy Club, Tiger Inn, and Tower) and 5 open clubs (Charter, Cloister Inn, Colonial, Quadrangle, and Terrace).