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Welcome to the home of the Glorious Tiger Inn! Located at 48 Prospect St., the Tiger Inn was established in 1890 and is the third oldest club on the street. The contributions of over a century of traditions and fiercely loyal alumni have resulted in an amazingly fun-loving and tightly knit community. Stop by this classic Tudor building any day of the week and you will find members and their guests studying away, enjoying a meal or sharing a drink in one of the most beautiful and welcoming spots on campus.

More About Tiger Inn

The Tiger Inn has recently finished renovating the club and has doubled the size of its dining hall and tap room. Please stop by for a tour of our renovations as well as our library and pool room which are as old as the club itself.
We offer a very diverse menu with a couple weekly staples mixed in. With members only dinners on Monday and Wednesday nights consisting of club favorites such as fajitas and burgers, we also boast having the best salad bar on the street.
Founded in 1890, the Tiger Inn was the third eating club to be established. It was founded in response to the University’s inability to provide enough dining opportunities but quickly became a social center for many students on campus. Becoming co-ed in 1991, The Glorious has become one of the most sought after bicker clubs on the street for both male and female Princeton students.

About Tiger Inn

48 Prospect Avenue
609-924-9166 / 609-258-3494


Grad Board Chair: Hap Cooper
Club Manager: Chef Bob Belsky
Business Manager: Julia Doemland


Undergraduate Officers

Club President: Maggie McCallister

Total club members:


Club Dues

Juniors/Seniors 2018-2019: $9100

Sophomore (spring) dues: $950
2 Meals/week, Full Social Membership

Shared Meal Plans Available:


Meals & Menu

Monday-Friday: Breakfast (8:00 – 10:00) Lunch (11:30 – 1:30) Dinner (5:30 – 8:00) Weekend: Brunch (11:30 – 1:30) Dinner (5:30 – 7:30)

Community Service, Sustainability & Improvements

View our latest report to the Princeton Prospect Foundation