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A club that is “wildly enthusiastic on weekends and rarely tweedy,” Cannon Dial Elm Club dons the names of four eating clubs: Cannon Club, Dial Lodge,  Elm Club, and DEC. Reopened in 2011 and tracing its roots back to 1896, the club has quickly cemented itself on the Street once more. The club is selective, hosting a round of bicker every spring to fill its sophomore class. Current members call the Cannon clubhouse on 21 Prospect Avenue their home, which is guarded by the Revolutionary War period cannon stationed in the front yard.

The renovated clubhouse combines the grandeur of the century-old building with the amenities of modern technology. Visit the billiards room after lunch and you’ll find a classic wood-paneled lounge filled with music from a member’s iPod. The club lays claim to one of the finest living rooms on Prospect – a two-story chamber dominated by a beautiful medieval fireplace. Club members take advantage of the clubhouse, with members regularly lounging, horsing around and studying in all of 21 Prospect’s rooms.

Known for the innovative work of Club Manager and Executive Chef Bill Conrad, the club boasts the most talked about menu on the Street. Instead of the classic buffet line, the club’s dining room accommodates the unique orders of each of the club’s members. Choosing from a variety of options, members can add, subtract, mix-and-match and specialize their meal to their liking with the online ordering system.

When you walk around campus or visit the University it is easy to pick out a Cannon member; they excel and lead on the field, perform on the stage and are active in the community. The members carry the history and traditions of all four clubs with them, from the Green T’s of Cannon to the original Moosehead of Dial and the member pictures of Elm that cover our walls.

More About Cannon Dial Elm

Built in 1915, the Cannon clubhouse has three stories plus the largest basement on Prospect Avenue. Club officers occupy ten rooms on the third floor of the building constructed from local stone. Walking down from the officer quarters, you will find the second floor dedicated to academic pursuits, with the exception being the 30-person theater room that is filled during the Super Bowl and March Madness. Members eat their three meals a day in the dining room on the ground floor. Also occupying the first floor are the Crane Common Room, the billiards room, the music room and the card room. Spanning three separate taprooms, the Club basement is notable for the Green Bar, the Derby Bar and the Red Bar. The club’s most unique feature, the mounted cannon, lords over Prospect in stoic fashion.
Community Service
Guided by a passionate membership and the leadership of the Club’s Community Service Chair, Cannon Dial Elm members have worked with Project Downtown to provide food and supplies to New Jersey’s homeless. Furthermore, the PACE Center for Civic Values awarded Cannon with the ICCF Fundraising Award in recognition of the eating club that raised the most money for the Interclub Community Fundraiser. Funds from the ICCF were donated to Hurricane Sandy relief as well as a deworming health initiative in Africa.
Through the efforts of Club Manager and Executive Chef Bill Conrad, Cannon Dial Elm Club members are offered healthy, diverse and allergy-sensitive meals. Bill has pioneered a computerized system of ordering that allows club members to specialize their meal exactly to their preferences. Aided by his friendly and helpful staff, Bill created a unique menu that has become a well-known feature of Cannon Dial Elm Club.

Joining the Club

Spring Bicker 2018 will begin on Sunday, February 4th at noon, and will continue across the next two days, with evening sessions on Monday, February 5th and Tuesday, February 6th. More information on generic bicker timelines and procedures can be found here: If you would like to officially register for bicker, go here. Please email our Bicker Chair, Stuart Pomeroy, at if you would like more information or have any questions or concerns.

About Cannon Dial Elm Club

21 Prospect Avenue


Grad Board Chair: Bob Casey
Club Manager: Bill Conrad


Undergraduate Officers

Club President: Logan Dziak
Vice President: Lexi Quirk

Total club members:


Club Dues

Juniors/Seniors 2018-2019: $9525

Sophomore (spring) dues: $900
Two meals per week, full social benefits

Shared Meal Plans Available:


Meals & Menu

Monday-Friday: Breakfast (7:30 – 9:30) Lunch (11:45 – 1:30) Dinner (6:00 – 8:00) Weekend: Brunch (10:00 – 1:15) Dinner (6:00 – 8:00)

View a sample menu

Community Service, Sustainability & Improvements

View our latest report to the Princeton Prospect Foundation