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An Inside View of the Eating Clubs

Eating Clubs have been a tradition at Princeton University for over 100 years, and offer a space for members to eat meals, socialize, and study. The clubs provide a variety of events for their members, ranging from board game study breaks to elaborate formal dinners. For non-members, the clubs host a variety of events, including parties on the weekends, the annual Truckfest fundraiser in the spring, and Fields Center dinner discussions on diversity. Students can become a member of a club in their sophomore spring. Five of the clubs are sign-in clubs, which are open for any student to join, and six of the clubs are bicker clubs, which have a selection process to determine who joins. Each club prides itself on their distinctive character, so all of the presidents have put together an introduction to their club for you. The first five are below and the rest are coming soon!



If I had to describe Charter in three words, they would be “Best Princeton Experience”. To me, Charter is hot-chocolate by the fire on a winter day, late night board games, and a group of people to study and party with. Charter membership comes with our amazing food, clubhouse that’s equipped with as many gaming systems as study spaces, monthly cocktail nights that feature an open bar and performers, and smaller study breaks such as spa and movie nights, all with a close knit community that makes you feel at home as soon as you walk in the door. My favorite memories at Charter are a result of my friends here encouraging me to go outside of my comfort zone and grow as a person.        

-Liz Stanley ’18, President

Joining: Sign-in
Parties: Every Friday!
Party Entry: Princeton University ID (PUID) during the semester, pass before most breaks



“Colonial is unique in its ability to possess a very defined character that can accommodate the incredible diversity of its membership. Fun abounds here in a healthy and supportive atmosphere for every member.”That was from an ‘86 alum, but it’s just as true today. Colonial members are part of a tight community that celebrates passions of all kinds. You’ll often find Colonialites kicking back in our theater or game room, throwing a frisbee around on the lawn, or studying in our fully-equipped computer cluster and library. Delicious food, courtesy of our French Culinary Institute-trained executive chef, and “better beer (and cider!)” are among our trademarks. My favorite Colonial tradition is the annual selection of the Club Fool, a member of the senior class who is an “officer” of the club charged with stirring up as much ridiculousness as possible before they graduate.

-Matt Lucas ’18, President

Joining: Sign-in
Parties: Friday Nights
Party Entry: Always PUID



The Cloister spirit is embodied by Cloisterfest, our annual summer weekend, when members past and present, visit the Inn with their gardening gloves and power tools to do light work around the club during the day, and get after it at night.  What makes alumni and students come back to campus?  Maybe it’s the food.  Maybe it’s the friends.  Maybe it’s the memories.  But heck if we know.  Come to the club and find out for yourself 🙂

-Allie Diamond, Ben Schafer, Lindsay Temple,
Raoul Rodriguez, Jamie Lowery
Class of 2018 Officer Core

Joining: Sign-in
Parties: Thursdays and Saturdays
Party Entry: PUID, occasionally list



 Even though F. Scott Fitzgerald describes Ivy as “breathlessly aristocratic” in This Side of Paradise, it is actually filled with close friendships and good times. On a typical day at Ivy, one may see members playing pool, enjoying “good banter,” having an impromptu dance party in the tap room, or studying all over the club. One of the reasons I love Ivy is that, since it’s a smaller club, every member actually knows each other no matter how close they are. Even though I love all nights out at Ivy, some of my favorite nights are Risky Business where we channel our inner Tom Cruise, and speakeasy where members travel back to the 1920s and enter through a secret entrance.

-Folasade Runcie ‘18, President

Joining: Bicker
Parties: Thursdays and Saturdays
Party Entry: Ivy Pass


Tiger Inn

The strength of the Tiger Inn lies within its membership. Our membership, as well as our leadership, is extremely diverse in background and life experience. As a result, every meal is full of thought provoking conversations. We harbor an open social atmosphere that encourages members to be themselves and speak their minds. Our goal is to continually prioritize comfort and inclusion within the club. You’ll find us eating or spending time on our front lawn almost any day of the week. Our staff fuels the club with delicious food, provides a variety of healthy options, and maintains a bountiful supply of Small World Coffee.

-Trey Aslanian, President

Joining: Bicker
Parties: Thursdays and Saturdays
Party Entry: TI Pass