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An Inside View of the Eating Clubs (2)

Eating Clubs have been a tradition at Princeton University for over 100 years, and offer a space for members to eat meals, socialize, and study. The clubs provide a variety of events for their members, ranging from board game study breaks to elaborate formal dinners. For non-members, the clubs host a variety of events, including parties on the weekends, the annual Truckfest fundraiser in the spring, and Fields Center dinner discussions on diversity. Students can become a member of a club in their sophomore spring. Five of the clubs are sign-in clubs, which are open for any student to join, and six of the clubs are bicker clubs, which have a selection process to determine who joins. Each club prides itself on their distinctive character, so all of the presidents have put together an introduction to their club for you-the second collection is below!


Cap and Gown 

Cap begins and ends most of our days. We pride ourselves in our ability to arrive at the club early to finish our daily breakfast sandwiches and the New York Times crossword puzzles. We leave the club in the late evening hours when the couches in the tv room get too crowded and the oreo jar is almost empty. Cap is our go-to location during the school year, and Cap members know that amidst the craziness and unpredictability of Princeton, there is always Burger Monday and themed Thursday Club Nights. In the words of Herman Heydt, Cap member class of ’79, “whenever I enter this club, I feel happy inside.”
-Jade Williams ’18, President

Joining: Bicker
Parties: Monday, Thursday, Saturday
Party Entry: Pass or List


Cottage ClubCottage has a fun and welcoming environment that is evident from the moment you enter the front door. On pleasant days, our members can be found in the backyard playing lawn games and soaking up rays. When the New Jersey weather isn’t so kind, Cottage members will more likely be huddled around a fireplace playing Settlers of Catan and hanging out until the next meal. Rain or shine, our members never fail to enjoy each other’s company.  Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Princeton school year, there’s no place I’d rather spend my free time than at Cottage.

-William Haynes ‘18, President

Joining: Bicker
Parties: Wednesday/Thursday and Saturdays
Party entry: List


On the 11th of December, 1987, a fire spread through Terrace that started in the basement and travelled up to the third floor, severely damaging multiple rooms in the process. Few people outside of the Terrace community are aware of this pivotal moment in our history. When I am asked to speak about Terrace and what we stand for, a letter written by the Terrace President at the time, Molly Blieden ‘88, comes to mind. “In the end, Terrace is not a building. The true Terrace is our family, and we are together in this, and Terrace is not to disappear…Our food and our people and the love we share will be the same wherever we have to stay for the next few months, and we ask for your understanding and support in this desire to be together…We are not gone; if you only look you will soon find us, still together, still celebrating. All of us.” The spirit of Mother Terrace lives strong and will continue to do so for many years to come. Besides, why shouldn’t it? Terrace is the Future after all.

Natalia Chen ‘18, President

Joining: Sign-in
Parties: Thursdays and Saturdays
Party Entry: Always PUID



Tower ClubTower feels like home. With a cozy clubhouse, delicious dinners, and supportive community spirit, this club can will easily become your favorite place on campus. Tower boasts one of the largest and most diverse memberships, so you’re always guaranteed an interesting conversation at mealtime or on a night out. Members know how to work hard and play hard — our great room is a study space by day and a packed dancefloor by night, especially at parties like Tower Underground or Heaven & Hell. I bickered Tower in the spring of sophomore year. Steeped in Tower traditions since then, I have grown to realize why alumni love coming back to this club: it always feels like a happy family reunion.

-Chris Jagoe ‘18, President

Joining: Bicker
Parties: Thursday and Saturdays
Party entry: Pass