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ICC Releases Results on Spring 2014 Club Admissions

The ICC has just released results from Spring 2014 eating club admissions for the sophomore class for all 11 clubs –  6 selective clubs (Cannon, Cap and Gown, Cottage, Ivy Club, Tiger Inn, and Tower) and 5 open clubs (Charter, Cloister Inn, Colonial, Quadrangle, and Terrace).

  • 1,075 sophomores or 79% of the class participated in the club admissions process.
  • 313 or 29% took advantage of the early admission option for open clubs.
  • 529 or 74% of sophomores who applied to a selective club were accepted.
  • The average section size for selective clubs increased from 69 last year to 88 this year.
  • 452 or 42% of sophomores who participated were placed in open clubs, compared to 41% last year.

At the end of the admissions process, 981 or 72% of sophomores were placed in a club.

A survey will be conducted to students who registered on the new ICC website to get feedback on the process. The ICC will continue to meet and work together on improvements to the system and to make the process as positive as possible for all students.

The ICC worked in cooperation with Princeton University and the GICC (Graduate Interclub Council) on these reform initiatives so that sophomores will have more opportunity to learn about club options.


For more information contact ICC President Connor Clegg at